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This is the worst and stupid reply I ever have.

If I haven't google for it I wouldn't ask you guys
the article listed in the google search explains the transformer in detail. which part of it do you have questions with ?


the article also lists authors and locations of the institute that they worked for (http://www.rtri.or.jp/eng/), which if you were the least bit interested in pursuing, could lead you to more information directly from the authors, or other papers on the subject.

Instead of complaining about the responses to your question, why don't you do what the poster you cussed out suggested, and track
down the information you desire ? Your response to the obvious is poor and extremely immature, at best. Perhaps you would do better
to submit your query to an engineering forum, where some kind souls can spoonfeed you the information you would like to have, but won't read.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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