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I was working for Eaton as a field engineer when a new construction building 3 story building was scooped up buy a medical company. So all of the fused disconnects had to be replaced with breakers. The contractor hires us to remove and install the new equipment.
The power was not connected yet, I called a buddy at the POCO to verify that the wires were not landed on their end. Yep they were. Removed and isolated same. Gang lock on the transformer and we go to work. Replacing disconnects to breakers is pretty easy if you have all the parts, which we did. Almost done I stop by the local Eaton MFG plant and get all the new stickers needed. I get to the job and some City of Phoenix inspector had showed up and he was screaming about shutting the job down. I asked him why, you are not allowed to make these changes, Really why not? You are not authorized by Eaton, Really? Why does my shirt say Eaton Engineering Services. Why does my truck have the same sign if I am not from Eaton. You cant do this in the field. Yes we can.
The inspector says I am calling the Chief electrical inspector and tomorrow I will shut you down. Tomorrow comes, COP trucks show up. I am standing there and the two guys working with me say you had better be right. I counter with, Watch this.
The chief inspector shows up with the COP engineer along with the inspector.
I call the inspector by his first name and then turn to the engineer and ask about his new baby. See I have know these men for 20 years. We talk, I explain the plan of events and that we will be testing the gear tomorrow and handed Mr. sky is falling the invite to witness test the procedure. The chief inspector and engineer never even look at the gear. We finish up and the next morning we wait until 10 am for the 9 am test. Do our tests and set the breakers to engineer of records specs. I had the electrical contractor call for an inspection and some one new shows up to give us the passed tag. Never did see that first electrical inspector again. All of a sudden when anything went wrong in the COP with the companies gear, guess who got the job. Fine with me most of the gear was new.
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