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Adding 4 circuits, options?

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I do mainly commercial work, so when helping a fellow electrician doing some residential work we ran into this "difference" of style how to add 4 circuits.

Basic single level house, they wanted to add a 4 circuits to the pantry/garage they were having remodeled. Panel has space, also has an open 60amp breaker. Main panel is about 60-70' away surface mount on an outside wall. Pretty open attic access, basically a straight shot.

He wanted to go romex with 4 home runs route, adding 4 20s.

I wanted to go THHN to a sub panel reusing that breaker or swapping to something appropriate.

We figured the price would be about the same. Maybe a bit more in labor doing the sub panel, but we aren't talking more then an hour. We figured only real advantage either way so future expandability if you add the load center.

Which would you do and why? This wasn't a "what do we have with us" job, so just because you have it doesn't make it the right answer.
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From a price standpoint no question at all cables.

Why in the world would you want to pipe this?:blink:
I'd prefer a sub panel, but of course would do what the customer wanted.
Its four circuits 70' away and you would like a subpanel?

Man you would be all messed up wiring big stores.:laughing:
SparkyDino thinks like I do. He quoted and talked to the lady about both options. She of course had to talk to the husband and the option of 220 in the garage sold him.

I think I was leaning and pushing for the sub panel cause of the garage. Mostly cause I'm jealous it was SO simply for him to get 220 in his garage.

Just went back today to do the work and help him with the pipe. Super simple.

BBQ I agree with you as well. Anywhere else I would have been on the home run route. Something about garages just always needing more power!
If you can up sell that is great.

I would still run cable to feed the sub.
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