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Adhesive Cable Mounts for panels

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As Splatz said, "I'm a tool junkie".
So, I'm FINALLY working on panels, and am trying to up my game. Looking at Reddit's Cable **** sub, I'm wondering if adhesive cable mounts are a viable, code-worthy, option to help keep a panel nice, tidy & pretty. And, if y'all honestly believe it's a bad idea, what options are available other than shoving wires to the sides & into corners and making nice 90 degree bends?

What say you boys in the field?

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While not on anything about sticky pads but just a comment on panel building, avoid have too long of a piece of wire duct cover. Duct covers come in 6 foot pieces. We had many large panels and I would have the panel builder in our shop cut some in half. It made them easier to put back on in the field plus sometimes you didn’t need to expose the entire length of wire duct to get to where you needed.
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