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Hi All.

I am an apprentice Electrician and trying to organize work for my neighbour but want to see if it's possible or if anyone has already done something similar. This is not DIY project. We will be getting my company to do all the electrical work.

I am looking for any advice on getting a 400A service to the existing duplex. They have two 200A panels one for each side. One of the sides wants to add an additional 400A panel with 20 20amp breakers. We are in BC but it's not for a grow-up :). They are running mining machines that require 220 volts and each machine consumes 4kw/hr or 96kw/day or 2880kw/month. The owner has an option to place those mining machines in the garage or he also has a shipping container next to the house. It would be ideal to have a second hydrometer so he can set up a business account with Bc Hydro for a cheaper rate. According to my calculation 20 machines consuming 4000W/hr is 2400 kW/a month which will give them 0.097$/Kw/hr.

What would be the most cost-effective way in getting a 400A metered service? Can the meter and panel be installed directly on the shipping container building which is about 100' away from the main hydrometer? How long approximately is the process takes from the moment you submit all documents to Bc Hydro to get a service. I would appreciate any recommendations on the cost-effective install and material. The machines will run 24/7 and in order to help with the high electricity rates during high-demand hours, he is wondering if its possible to add a battery storage system. Will BChydro be okay if the client used batteries to charge during nighttime and used during peak rate times or it does not matter if you have a business account? I am trying to design the most cost energy-efficient system to allow him to run his machines 24/7 at the cheapest rate possible even if it involves adding batteries or even solar. He has space for 50 400watt solar panels.

Thank you.

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What does your journeyman say ?
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Get your company to design it. Not a job for an apprentice
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