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Advice on how to be an Industrial Electrician from Alberta, Canada

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I am a starter from Alberta who wants to be an Industrial Electrician.
After being refereed by a family friend, I got an interview tomorrow to a shop that works on Residential renovations and new constructions. I am excited to get an interview and possibly start my apprenticeship. However, I am not sure if this is the right track for me to becoming an Industrial Electrician. I realize that getting the first job is one of my biggest hurdles and that starting working at Residential will get me over that hurdle.
I really don't want to burn bridges by staying to short. I also want to stay long enough to obtain the knowledge and experience in each field. Generally, should I go Residential 1st year >> Commercial 2nd year >> Industrial 3rd year???
Any advice on how to be an industrial Electrician from my situation or from scratch in-case i don't get the residential job??

Another topic:
Got most of my hand tools, my CSTS, my ESTS and First Aid. As a starter, should I take more safety courses? any suggestions? Any more advice for a starter?
Is Starter - Electrician the right word for the objective in my resume?

Thanks in advance
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I have never worked industrial, only resi /commerical but I know 3 guys, one through school, that did their apprenticeship industrial and now want to find work in the city and can't because companies won't look at them. One of then my highschool friend is having a baby and can't get a fulltime job close to home.
When I considered working in the patch as a second year my boss cautioned me he doesnt even consider oil patch resumes. On the other hand I'm working in Drayton valley and have met guys who've done out of town work their whole lives and don't mind. Each to their own.
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