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Advice Wanted Please!

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I am in need of advice and guidence about what work i can do in UK, and what i need to be able to work here.
I am a qualified electrician from Turkey. I just came here to settle last week. My English is very limited at the moment (I am not writing this myself), but I am attending classes.
I wondered if I could work as a mate until such time as my English is good enough for me to get the necessary paperwork to set up on my own.
I have 15 years experience working in the constuction industry in Turkey.
Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated.
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As I am in America I can offer little help, other than to welcome you to the forum and ask where in Turkey, I lived in Anakra (and outside Ankara) for a while from 1966-1968.

You can work as an electrician in the UK if you can get a Company to employ you. If you can do the job they will not be concerned about qualifications. If you wish to be self employed this is another matter ( or start a business employing others). In this case if you want to work in the domestic market you will need Part P approval. If you work in the Commercial or Industrial market you need to 'Show Competence' as required of the Electricity at Work Act 1989. In either case if you want to work on a Construction Site you will need a CSCS safety card. The exam is in English and pass requirement is 94%.

Best of luck

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