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AFCI / GFCI / Voltage drop testers

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In my quest to spend ever more money on new gadgets I have decided it's time for an AFCI tester! Plus, this may save some time with voltage issues in trouble shooting; in the past year I have been called 4 or 5 times and done a visual inspection to find burnt up lugs or connections ...I'm not sure, but this might save some time. I've waited because I figured that the first generation or two would suck ...hopefully the people who create tech have actually caught up to the people who use these things...

My use is primarily residential trouble-shooting and upgrading old wiring systems.

Do any of you ever use AFCI or GFCI testers?
Have you found a breaker that tested fine with it's push-button and then failed with your tester?
Have you found that a voltage drop test has actually helped you solve a trouble-shooting issue?
I suspect this *won't* work on a 2-pole AFCI that is sharing a neutral between (2) 110 volt circuits ...any thoughts on how to test that? I do a lot of work in old Victorian buildings with knob and tube and/or shared neutral wiring...

I'm looking at this search page:
http://www.buycheapr.com/us/result.jsp?ga=us81&q=afci+tester (Note: there are several repeat items)

And this tester (Amprobe INSP-3):

Thanks! I hope this is an interesting topic for others too! :)
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I have never needed anything other than a voltage tester and continuity tester to troubleshoot residential work. I would not waste my money on it. In the past the older afci testers would trip if you were more than 50' from the overcurrent protective device. Don't know if the new ones are better.

Many breaker brands now have codes that tell why the breaker tripped but even the ones that don't have the diagnostic are not hard to figure out the cause.
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