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AFCI's won't stop this fire !

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With what seems like a coming requirement to protect all 120V circuits in the home with AFCI's, I wonder what that would do for this situation. I saw this last week on a "no heat" call. It was a string of baseboard heaters in the lobby of an inn. Some of them were not working. When I took apart what seemed like the offending link in the chain, I was greeted with the sight in the pictures below. These heaters were 240 volt. AFCI's won't help this problem. The NM cable feeding this heater was scorched back a good 3 to 4 feet before I could get good cable. I think I got there just in time.

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That connection was glowing red when I snapped the pic. I'm not sure why it shows up glowing white, but that's even more dramatic. :eek:
It's amazing you got those pics!
So what do you use to get your phone pics onto your computer MD?

Just curious because I use Verizon and I recently did some serious modifying to my phone so I could do that instead of paying 10 cents per picture to send one of my own pictures to myself(I hate Verizon, but their service is great)
So what do you use to get your phone pics onto your computer MD?
It's kinda screwed up how I have to do it.

My phone gives me the option to "send" any picture in my album. I can't send to an email address, only to another phone. My wife's phone can send pics to another phone or to an email. So, what I do is send them to my wife's phone, then use her phone to email them to myself. I wish there was just a cable I could put straight from the phone to my USB port. Maybe there is... I might have to stop by the cell phone store.
There is a cable for every phone, but if you have Verizon then they disabled the use of the cable to work this way or a bluetooth conection to your computer.

They it's for their own security, but I know it's to charge more money. I'm pretty digruntled with them but they have the best service and I'm locked in to a contract.

So 2 weeks ago I 'hacked' my phone, got rid of all the Verizon software on it and put on Alltel's software(who also uses the same network) Now everything works the way Motorola intended it.

Had a post then saw how old this thread is.....
Holy chit, I wasn't even born when this thread was started.
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