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Airplane supplement power bonding/grounding

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A friend of mine asked me if I could setup a standby generator out at the airport to get some supplementary power into his plane when it is idle for partys and get togethers. They use a APU for minimal items at 400HZ and need some supplemental power for additional devices in plane and out on tarmac.

My question is since my generator will be 60HZ should I need to bond the airplane to my generator and do I need to drive an earth electrode if I bond or not ???
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You're going to need clearance from the NSA, FDA, RCA, and DEA.
I have all that already. I've been pre-screened. It's a small local airport. Sometimes they just stay in the hanger and have the parties and sometimes they roll out a bit on the tarmac for show or if it's a sunny day. Just a bunch of big shots showing off their money, smoking cigars, catering, and things like that mostly.

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If it's a portable gen and the loads are supplied by receptacles mounted on the gen, then according to 250.34, no ground rod is needed.

Be careful around planes, just about anything except fueling and actual operation of the plane is required to be done by an FAA certified Airframe and Powerplant mechanic and signed off by one who has inspector authorization.

Odd as it may seem though, anyone can change sparkplugs in a piston engine plane.
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