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Here are the answers to the sample test, but they may not be to the 2012 book.
There are some answers in this answer key that are wrong.

Q36, R8 resistance is 10 ohms, not 8 ohms. Answer should be D, not C.

Q57, House has two ranges:
14kW (not 14.4kW) and 13kW. 12kW = 6000W + (2000W * .25) = 6500W + (13000*.25) = 9750W. Answer doesn't exist.

Q72, 102V is right, but the answer should be B, not C.

Q87, R7 is 8 ohms, not 7 ohms. Answer should be C, not B.

Q98, R8 is 10 ohms, not 7 ohms. Answer should be 4.44W, which doesn't exist.

Q125, House has two ranges:
12kW and 14.4kW. 12kW = 6000W + (14400W*.25) = 9600W. Answer doesn't exist.

Q144, 2X^2-4X+2=0 breaks down to (X-1)(X-1) so X=1. Answer should be A, not C.

If I've done something wrong to get these, feel free to let me know.:thumbsup:
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