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Recently got laid off from a large job in town, seeing as I have a little girl now it's time to go up north and make some money.... Some questions for you Albertans. What wage should a 3rd year guy expect in camp? Contractors to look for? Stay away from? Any advice is greatly appreciated
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Thanks frunk, laid me off on the 20th, knew it was coming, job was gearing down. Could find work here but have some financial goals for 2014 that can't be met working in the lower mainland
Dawizman said:
A third year should expect at least $33 an hour up north, plus sub. I've heard good things about Tarpon, Pronghorn and Studon. I've heard mixed opinions about Pyramid and Techmation.

As for other tips... invest in some warm FR clothes. The weather is the ****s this year up here, but work doesn't stop just because it's cold.

There is a lot of work to be had all over right now, start handing out your resume, and it shouldn't be hard to land a job quick.
I'll be sending resumes out on the 2nd to those contractors you mentioned, plus Callisto, flint, and a few others. What are FR clothes?
Dawizman said:
FR = fire resistant

If you're going to be doing any field work (where the money is) you're going to need FR clothing in most cases. Some companies might provide winter gear, but most will only provide coveralls, hat, and glasses. You can dress warm under your coveralls, but proper outerwear goes a long way. We have seen temperatures below -20 for the majority of November and December, and many days below -30 (before windchill). Fort Mac is even further north than where I am, and colder yet.
Thanks bro, no idea exactly what I'll need up there but I'll figure it out. Marks WW is my best bet I'm guessing
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Sick! My tires are pumped now, I'll update as stuff happens
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Thanks guys, all good advice, keep it coming .i was hoping whoever hires me would pay for the safety training but I guess it would be better to get it first, or maybe they'll tell me what they require so I can get it before I head up there. Did CSTS last year for another company but never got a cert. so I'll have to track that down. Start w fall pro, first aid, and h2s alive?
Ink&Brass said:
I'd start with CSTS, FA, and H2S. Those three are the absolute minimum for any industrial work up north. Many companies will pay for courses beyond those three.

I'm awfully tempted to go up north as well. I could make the equivalent of 3rd year resi wages as a first year up north.
Fair enough, I'll look Into getting those ASAP
glen1971 said:
Not sure if they still do, but some courses had to be done in Fort Mac to comply with the Oilsands training program that they developed a few years back.. No point in taking a bunch that you'll have to redo up there.. Always baffled me how a manlift or fall arrest ticket was not valid up there if you took it somewhere else.. Is gravity different up there?

Here is the link their site:

Thanks glen, looking at courses down here in Vancouver, I'll post the courses before I register and see if their ossa compliant/acceptable. Oil patch guys on here would prob know. I'd like to get them down here so they can go on my résumé and better my chances of getting hired, but, like you said, don't want to waste money by taking the wrong courses
99cents said:
CSTS, H2S Alive, FA and Fall arrest are all good to go. You don't have to take Ft. Mac specific training. If the OP arrives in Edmonton, he can probably sign up to courses almost immediately and knock them off pretty fast. Some places offer H2S Awareness as an on-line course. That training is worthless. It has to be H2S Alive and can only be taken in a classroom.
That's good news, I can take them all here then, standard FA or emerg FA?
triden said:
Fort Mac is having a big job fair in February. If you are serious, you could book a westjet flight and go pound the ground in person and try to get hooked up with a job. I find applying online has it's limitations and it's hard to make yourself stand out from the competition.

Thanks for the info triden, that'll be plan b
So here's what I'll be registering for;

St. John's amb-emerg first aid
Hazmaster- ossa fall pro end user
First aid bc- h2s alive

As I said earlier, I did CSTS last year for a company I was working for but never received a cert. on paper. Anyone know how to acquire that?
Ink&Brass said:
You'll have to do Alberta's painful online version like the rest of us. :laughing:
I did the painful online version.... 4 hours of my life I'll never get back lol, pretty sure it's the same, just need the paper that says I did it
Ink&Brass said:
I can't say whether or not CSTS is inter-provincial, but the course here takes 7.5 hrs if you get through it as fast as the program allows.:laughing: Nice thing about the AB one is the ability to print off your CSTS cert. if you ever happen to lose it.
Come to think of it, it was 6 or 7 hours of pain. No option to print from what I remember, but I did it through a contractor... So they prob have my cert. it is interprovincial I think, I'll start calling tomorrow, when ppl go back to work
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