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alright lads

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alright lads,
any lads on here working out in norway/holland/germany at the mo?
i was out in norway from september last year but been out of action since january with a broken leg
anyway back to fitness now and i would appreciate any advice on jobs that are starting/started and are looking for men
thanks NB
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Welcome to the forum!:thumbsup:
USA myself, but we enjoy having people from all over. It's neat hearing how we do things differently different places.
Sorry to intrude on this post guys...
Just i have been looking for information for months and cant get anywhere.

Im going to do a crash course in 6 months to become a electricain, with the intention of moving to Norway with my wife, (norwegian wife)

But i cant find any information on what other things i will need to work over there... do i need anymore test? or well anything?

Please if you have any advice it will be great to here from you.

Thanks guys, girls too
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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