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Ampacity of Conductor

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Hi there,

I have a question about ampacity of a high flex strang hook up wire that is 2/0 that has stranding of 1330 and it is rated for 105 deg celcius. Please look at the following link for more information on this part number: L72/0F-XX . I cannot find anywhere how much ampacity does this cable carries. I know it is definitely higher than 195 Amps at 90 deg Celcius, plus this one probably has more strands?


I have been looking in the NEC chart and it only covers up to 90 deg celcius.

Hope someone could guide me how to determine the ampacity of a wire or at least could tell me what is the ampacity of this wire here..

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Thank you for everybody response.

I was trying to get Ampacity of 400 Amps with just two 00 wire because I have a distribution block that only takes 00 wires instead of 000.

If this wire (gives 336 Amps) is used from distribution block into a circuit breaker, and I sized it according to 105deg celcius, I guess I might overheat the CB lugs?
Yes, exactly.
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