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An odd request - conecting multiple boxes

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I am working on something and I have to mount and connect about 10 - 4x4 boxes side-by-each :) on a piece of wood. I'm looking for any ideas for a quicker and cheaper way instead of using chase nipples and lock rings.
They don't necessarily have to be mounted tight together.

I know some NM connectors have a snap in option on both ends but I need to run individual conductors and don't think they are approved for that.

If this works out, I will be building may of these in the future so the least expensive and quickest option would be beneficial.
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Is it for devices?

No they are going to be junction boxes closed up with covers
Might not be cheaper, but the only faster way I could think of would be to use snap in ENT connectors and a chunk of ENT inbetween. Does it have to be pretty? :)

This is a really good option thanks.
See if you can get Arlington 260ST's up there.

Thats pretty much exactly what I am looking for and they are even CSA approved. Can't find them anywhere up here though which really sucks.
Why not just a JB?
When a person says a bunch of 4x4's linked together closely , my brain drifts right to the gutter......

I'm actually not using 4x4s at all. If this forum wasnt so open to everyone on the web, I'd share most of my trade secrets.

I thought of a way to keep slim led downlight drivers in one location in attics which makes it easier to do warranty calls on bad drivers.
I'll be using extension cables from now on and keep all the drivers on a piece of wood in the attic, pre-assembled and wired in my shop.

I realized chase nipples are the only way to go to be able to remove a single driver that's between any 2.
I'll have 10-12 drivers in line using chase nipples.
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Especially in 4". I needed 2 to transition to flex the other day. $23 apiece!

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4" rigid coupling $74 here :sad:
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