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Ive been working as electrician since 02, and for 99% of that time, I carried my tools around in a Klein Powerline series belt and pouch. Every morning Id strap it on my waist, and I didnt take it off til quittin time. I need my tools on me. One minute I could be running a new circuit, the next minute I can be tying in equipment, and the next minute I can be troubleshooting.

That setup served me well, but recently my body started catching up with me, and I noticed that my back was starting to hurt. I knew it was from wearing a loaded belt day in and day out, so I decided to look for other options.

My coworkers (and other trades on the jobsite) have tool bags, but I always viewed those as disorganized, and inefficient, because I would see them walking back and forth all day because they didnt have the right tool with them, rummaging around the bottom of their bag.....

I took it upon myself to check out Lowes and HD to see what kind of options I have. I gave the AWP "Mini Electrician" a shot, and it was ok. It was much smaller, so I wasnt able to carry all my tools, so I was forced to consolidate what I carried, which was nice cause it didnt weigh me down as much, but my tools didnt really fit well in their slots, and would fall out on occasion (not good on customers marble floors :whistling2: ), so I kept the search going.

I jumped on google, and it actually brought me here to ET. Sweet, a forum for electricians?! Scrolling through thread after thread, the name Veto Pro Pac kept coming up, so I checked them out. I liked what I saw, and clicked on their list of dealers, and what do you know, my supply house is a distributor!

The next day I went to my SH and asked them if there was anyway they could bring me in a bag or 2 to check out. They did me one better. Since VPP is out of Norwalk, CT, and I work in the next town over, my SH set it up so that I could go to the VPP offices and check out the bags firsthand! :thumbup:

The next afternoon, I went down to their office and was met with a very warm welcome. They were thrilled to have a tradesman actually want to come and check out the products (that sounds better in my head). I met with the President, Rob, and walked me into their meeting room that had the entire line of Veto's on display, and even some prototypes of things to come. I was like a kid in a candy store!

Rob spent the next hour or so, showing me all of their pouches, and bags. Showing me the differences, and picking my brain to fit me with the right products, and also get some real world feedback of what an electrician wants out of a bag.

I was impressed with the products, and the company. I had decided that the TP4 and Tech Pac would be the perfect replacement for my Powerline pouch and bucket bag.

That all went down just before Thanksgiving. Fast forward to today.

Ive been using my Tech Pac and TP4 for about a month and a half or so. Ive been in a mix of jobs (roughs, trims, troubleshoots, etc), and I couldnt be any happier with my purchase.

The TP4 holds all of my tools that I had in my Powerline, but in a condensed package. With 3 different carry options, it allows me to not keep it strapped to my waist if I dont want it, but still have all my tools hanging close by. And best of all, my back doesnt hurt anymore!

With the Tech Pac, I was able to empty my bucket of everything (except for large drill bits and such), and keep it all organized. I know where everything is, and it stays there. It is also easier to carry onto the job, which cuts down on trips back to the truck.

The only cons I can find with my bag and pouch, the tape straps can be hard to clip and unclip with gloves on, and I wish there were a few more pouches in the Pac for larger, odd sized tools, i.e. BX stripper. It fits in there, but its kind of half clipped in to one of the bit holders.

If you guys are in the market for a new bag/pouch, or on the fence because of the cost of a VPP.....just do it. You will not be disappointed. This is our livelihood. This is how we put food on the table. Drop a little extra cash on some quality gear, that will make your job easier, and help you make more money in the long run.

And not for nothing, Im the envy of the jobsite now. Everyone else is impressed with my new gear. Hopefully I brought VPP some new customers...

Kind of a big deal here
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Good to hear. A lot of finish carpenters, HVAC guys, and plumbers have different ones by me. I have been checking out the XLT laptop/tool bag but am very reluctant to part with almost $300 for a tool bag. It's kinda like the Occidental pouches, everyone that has them loves them and swears by them, but I can't see myself parting with nearly $300 for tool storage. Chances are I have spent well over $1000 in the last 15 years on crappy tool pouches and bags...
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