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so there is a "once in a lifetime opportunity" clause in the coast guard, not to mentioned that we are completely understaffed and under budgeted. my command has given me permission to start job applications and can almost definitely get me out a few months before my active duty contract ends.

i have recently applied for substation wireman apprentice positions with 3 different power companies in washington. the only qualifications are high school diploma, algebra in high school, and preferred 6 months experience in the field. i have a recent college algebra course, 3 years experience working with marine electricity on coast guard vessels and small boats, and i have had technical courses in the coast guard on circuit theory, electronics, safety, blueprint/schematics, etc, so i am hoping i have a SMALL leg up on the competition. i have heard that these positions are FIERCELY competitive, so what im thinking is i really have to nail the aptitude test, and then most definitely the interview............
i am going to dress to impress, with a nice suit, and come in highly prepared for all scenario questions with a folder of letters of reccomendation, accomplishments, etc.........

any advice for preparation? i really want to take this route and work for a power company. any tips for interviews as far as what they want to hear?

i have experience as a forklift operator and also i am our shipboard crane operator with a 40k lb rated crane. hopefully i can use these things to emphasize a concern and sense of personnel safety.......

any advice would be great, i cant sleep at night.
Welcome to the forum,and thank you for your service..:thumbsup:

You'll be just fine you're already way ahead of the game,just stay sharp and you'll get in,In no time,,,,,Good Luck!:)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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