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You can use NM if the building is of type III, IV, or V but I would not try to make that determination based on the material in Annex E, you could really lost your shirt if you get it wrong, let an engineer (one with real good E&O insurance) make that determination in writing.

334.10 Uses Permitted. Type NM, Type NMC, and Type NMS cables shall be permitted to be used in the following, except as prohibited in 334.12:

(1) One- and two-family dwellings and their attached or detached garages, and their storage buildings.
(2) Multi-family dwellings permitted to be of Types III, IV, and V construction.
(3) Other structures permitted to be of Types III, IV, and V construction. Cables shall be concealed within walls, floors, or ceilings that provide a thermal barrier of mate‐ rial that has at least a 15-minute finish rating as identified in listings of fire-rated assemblies.

Informational Note No. 1: Types of building construction and occupancy classifications are defined in NFPA 220 -2015, Stand‐ ard on Types of Building Construction, or the applicable building code, or both.

Informational Note No. 2: See Informative Annex E for determination of building types [NFPA 220, Table 3-1].
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