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Arc fault and shared neutrals

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Hello everyone,
First post.
Does anyone have a solution for retrofitting arc fault breakers on two seperate 120v circuits with a shared neutral (14/3 Romex), where one circuit is a bedroom circuit and the other may be lighting ( I only want the arc fault for the bedroom circuit). Do they make a 120v arc fault breaker that you can connect the shared neutral. Specifically Sq D Homeline and Cutler Hammer BR series breakers.
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2 Arc Faults, AFAIK, cannot be used on a MWBC.
If your panel is a Cutller Hammer CH style, not BR style you may be in luck. They have 2 pole afci breakers for that panel. I don't know if they are combination style however which is required for all new installations since the begining of 2008, per the 2005 nec. Also since it is a 2 pole breaker, both of the circuits would have to naturaly be afci protected. That is the only way I know of multiwire branch circuit wiring to work with ark fault technology. Good luck in your new adventure fishing in new cables.:eek:
ge,siemens and cutler hammer br all have 2 pole afci breakers to use in this situation
I have been using single pole AFCIs because I'm sure they work and I haven't been trying to use them on old MWBCs. Rewire!

Has anybody used the two pole AFCIs and are they working okay on MWBCs?
yes the cutler hammer and siemens work fine but the ge's have been terrible
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