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I'm a 'A' class Qualified electrician (fitter mechanic) back home in Australia and am moving to London in June 2012 to live and work for 2 years on a youth migration visa.

I'v been qualified for nearly 3 years and am used to earning around $1000 Aussie P/W... I just want to know how the industry is fairing in London ATM...mostly so I can ready myself before I move over.

Are there many jobs around?

Hows the pay for the different trades?(I'm led to believe electricians earn around 12 quid or so)

What are the different grade's of qualification for electricians?


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Hi mate.

Im currently over in the uk trying to find out what my qualifications hold up as down under.

What is the situation over there atm? Is there plenty of work? I have only recently started out about 2 year ago and im originally from melbourne...

Work in london is plenty but expensive to live. roughly £14ph for london rates.
There is No apprenticeships around and the economy is heading in a downward spiral.

From what i hear the Mines are being advertised for trades people and are screaming for electricians and plumbers.. Is this true?

What qualifications do you have? Ill see what info i can give..

vise versa
email me at [email protected]

thanks mate; look forward to hearing from u soon

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