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bad battery charger question..help please

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Hi all. I have a 12V Craftman's cordless drill. It's not too old, however it was discontinued. I used it very sparingly. The drill/battery is working great. But recently, the charger is not working to charge the battery anymore.

The charger is basically a 120 ac volts -> 14.5 dc volts @ 200 mA transformer or whatever that little black thing is....with a wire connects to the adapter that attaches to the cordless (removable) battery. I'm pretty sure the transformer (charger) is dead..I tested with the multimeter and instead of giving 14.5v it gave like 0.01volt.....(yes, the drill said 12V but its orginal charger said 14.5v...don't know why).

Question is, instead of through the whole thing away (drill and all), can I just cut up that bad transformer (charger) and attach another 12 volt charger (or 14.5v if I can find one) to it..does that amperage (200mA) matter?
Can I use something like 12v (or 14v) with higher amp like 2amp???

The closest charger unit I found is input 110v -> output 12v dc @ 1A
Will this do? What will that higher Amp rating do? Will it blow up if I leave it charging or something? I get real nervous when it comes to electricity. Please give me your advice. Thank you.
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Check with Sears. A newer charger may very well be compatible with your older battery. IMHO, this would be preferable to modifying an old one.
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