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Basic Design/Layout Software For Small Projects

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My company is a small residential shop with 4 guys (soon to be 6). For years I have tried to find a basic layout program that I could use for lighting/electrical layout as well as scaled printing. Does anyone know of a program (or a couple programs) that can accomplish what I'm looking for?

1. Be able to take a PDF floor plan that has been emailed to me and print it to scale.

2. Be able to print just a portion of the PDF to scale. I.E. - if I get 24 x 36 PDF drawings that are 1/2" = 1' and be able to print just the floor plan (omitting the title bar etc.) on a 8.5" x 11" that is scaled to say 1" = 1'.

3. Be able to either create new floor plans or take exiting PDF floor plans and markup electrical drawings onto them.

4. Be able to use tools like measurement so I can properly space receptacles, measure for run length etc.

5. One nice feature I could picture would be the ability to measure a wall in the PDF that you know the dimensions of then just type that dimension into the software and voila! the software knows the scale of the prints.

Most of the stuff I've come across has been full blown CAD programs, which seems overkill. I always pictured a fairly basic program, maybe even a free program from a manufacturer. I have been able to accomplish these things but the ways I do it are very round-about and much more complicated than I feel like they need to be.
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I don't know if you found something but I'm in a early stage of developing a program with features like that. In fact your post helps me validate the idea. Let me know if you are interested.

This is my first post, if it looks like spam, I apologize.


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