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Becoming a business miser....

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I'm on a mission to pinch every single penny that crosses my path - strangle every material purchase - tighten down on every last expense that can possibly be made....and become Mr. Scrooge. :laughing:

Turning every dime into a dollar, that's the goal. Material purchases are top on the list, so I've put together a few key points to concentrate on.

- Keeping a well organized inventory of all stock material.
- Shopping for better bulk order discounts, from either e-bay or amazon and comparing them to what the SH is giving me.
- Making it a high priority to use all left-over material from jobs on the next job. Instead of it collecting dust in my garage or trailer.
- ORGANIZATION, ORGANIZATION, ORGANIZATION. Every thing needs a place, and needs to make me money, not cost me.

No changes to what I bill out with the material for each job, only to cut as much of my costs as possible. Feel free to add to this list, I am always looking for better streamlining tactics.
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I always operated that way.

When they bought material, I'd ask where do you want the leftovers.Usually they say get rid of it.
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