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Belated intro

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So, I am late to do an intro. Looked through my threads list and found out I never did one so here goes.
About me:
-2yrs experience
-Trade school and current EE/ME student
-Computer nerd
-Overstocked apprentice (seriously, my trunk sags a lot, and it's a Crown Vic P71. :laughing:)
-Never really did industrial but have so far done Commercial and Residential
-Still afraid of huge heights i.e. Cherry-pickers (Got over the whole bucket lift and scissor lift fears though!)
-Once was working a triple major of Comp Sci, Mech Eng., and Elec Eng. (TOUGH. :censored:)

Future goals:
-Company in my name maybe?
-Moving to Wyoming :thumbup:
-Retirement eventually and comfortably

How's this for a work view?
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o.k. the sky the trees, themountains, forget the roads!
Better? :laughing:

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the second one, yes. the first one has street lights in it:laughing:
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