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Well listen up first yes electrical contractors bend there own pvc 90 elbows and on a regular basis . If you do a lot of decks or underground we never use factory 90 ,s because they break off concrete finishers walk on them Bob cats run them over rod busters like to break them . Most decks post tension or lots of rebar your looking at lost home run or runs broken conduits . Two couplings and short factory 90 is a joke when you doing high rise fast track jobs or a large project .Now we are only talking about 3/4 "1" conduit.

What we do is we bend them at the shop we have a jig for any size conduit .
We per fab thousands of 90 ,s they don't break during pours they bend but they don't break and on deck its worth the time well spent.Factory elbows are never used there a waste of time and the cost of a lost homerun is worth it trust me .Plus only get long bells it helps .

Now 1 1/4" 1 1/2" 2 inch is easy to fab a 90 deg but heres a trick with 2 1/2" 3 " or 4" inch conduit you want a perfect 90 your in a jam we do purchase factory elbows for 1 1/4 and up . We don't bend these just to clear that up for the comments .

But say your in a jam you need one 3 inch bent if you want a perfect elbow with no kinks you stuff each end with a pipe cap rap it with duct tape cut a grove a x cut on one pipe cap so you can insert a 2" vacuum hose .
Slide it in the 4 inch hot box roll it cook it .

Not to hot but flexible you can tell when both ends are able to drop its ready pull it out and bend you must heat it two times the length of the bend evenly not just in one spot .

Now turn the vacuum on blow you need two men on this .

One bending one making sure the blasting air is inside that conduit its like a ballon it will not kink and you bend it . Next take you water hose and cool it we use a hose with a spray nozzle . Or if were out on the slab we use a 5 gallon bucket with rags cools it no kinks and you can bend 4 inch .

Trick two you got sand on the job you don't have a vacuum or help stuff it with builders sand and bend it . Then wash it out done .
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