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Broad Interview Questions (Sorry bout that...)

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Hey there! I have been reading this forum for the last few months and it has been extremely helpful so far.

It has been very beneficial in helping me understand what the apprenticeship actually is, how to apply, what my chances are, etc. I also found a study guide here which was extremely helpful, in fact, I honestly believe that I got every single question right on the test I took last Monday (not trying to brag, you guys don't even know who I am, I want to encourage others to study hard so that they too can do well!)

So basically, if you didn't read the previous paragraph I have just taken the test and believe I did very well. Now I have to prepare for the interview and have some questions. I know that people probably get tired of reading these, but it's my future, and it's very important to me.

My problem, basically, is that I have no mechanical experience or hobbies. I know I am capable of learning mechanical things, I just have never done it much. I am 18 years old, but no stranger to labor. With the help of a team I was able to dig the foundation for a church in Belize in 120 degree weather plus humidity in a week, so I definitely know I have what it takes to do construction.

I am no stranger to panel interviews, I took an interview with the local Sheriff's department and passed on to the next phase, but was dropped because I didn't have as much work experience as the other applicants. In addition to this, I have also interviewed with several military officers from different branches, so I don't think nerves will be a huge factor for me.

But my biggest fear is that the interviewers will think I am some fluff kid who has never known a hard days work in his life. How can I word my answers to make myself more attractive on the mechanical side of things? Besides my experience in Belize, what kind of general life experiences would be attractive to the people interviewing me?

Is wearing a suit and tie a good idea? Or should I try to dress in something that looks more appropriate for a construction job? I did wear a suit and tie to the testing, and one of the interviewers was my proctor, so I made a point to shake his hand and thank him for his time so that he would
hopefully remember my face come interview time.

I know my questions may seem out there or silly, but this is an important opportunity to me. And this interview is for a different sector then I am used to interviewing for, so I'm not entirely sure what they're looking for.

Maybe I'll just talk a lot about how important safety is to me :rolleyes::whistling2: