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:cry: Petey's revelation about an injury hits home. I slipped on a customers stairs a few weeks ago and have not been able to do much till the gravel that used to be leg bones just above my right ankle and the metal holding it all grow together. 6 weeks with a cast that can't bear weight, and limited use of the foot for another 6 weeks. 2 real pretty scars up both sides of my ankle too -- and now gotta carry an X-ray to get through the metal detectors in public buildings without stripping :censored: (no, as a matter of fact it ain't pretty) :censored:

It's hard to drive because the cast doesn't give "feedback" and it hurts to push pedals with toes - and I can't get the leg out of the way to use my left foot. Pretty much stuck at home except for Drs visits. When I do go out my good leg protests - especially my "electrician's knee".

I did manage to get a rough finished on a house I was working on with the use of a wheeled mechanics stool (ceiling stuff was done) but it beat me up so bad I've just had to lay off till things heal. Took me 3 LONG days to do 8 hours work even with a helper

Takes about 5 seconds to do what I did (slipped on a carpeted stair tread) and the rail had been removed for painting and not yet reinstalled.

If you don't have it done, it's time to get your loss of income insurance in order and start setting something aside.
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Cut all the tendons for my thumb in my right hand, 12 weeks in a cast 4 weeks rehab. Now I could get around the manual labor by taking an apprentice or mechanic with me. But I was still doing the majority of reports at that time and hand to type and write left handed, actually got pretty good at it.

How many of you owners and employees carry supplemental pay check protection? I don't, but even when sick I will receive a paycheck, for at least 12 months due to agreements in place with my partners.
If I get hurt bad, I'm screwed. I generally just work injured/sick. Kinda speaks poorly of a guy's business skills, but that's just the way it is. Can you get Aflac for yourself if you're a business owner?
Yes you are eligible for AFLAC and a variety of other insurances similar to this...

In 22 years (in business) I have missed a day or two here or there, then 2 weeks last September 9heart attack) Doctors told me to take 6-8 weeks. I asked them if they were trying to kill me!

I did have pay check insurance 33 years ago when I missed 8 weeks work crushed my foot. Now the problem with this is now all those old injuries have come back to haunt be as the bones age.
Luckily I have my four fingers to use, what little help that is. At least I can do something.

Did a rip out for a remodel gut today. That was not so bad, I just dread the thought of the next few months of "real" work. :censored:
What happened to you Petey?
What happened to you Petey?
It's easier to just link to the other thread:
when i was working in the field i always worried about getting hurt and not being able to work. now i think i would have to be hurt real bad to make it hard for me to work. my biggest worry now is what im going to do when my computer crashes. and that is real scary.
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