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I had a similar job on a 54 Apt. units in 9 buildings. The building was about 80 years old and had been remodeled and updated a few times. It had the old #12 solid copper wire with a silver coating and rubber and cloth insulation about 1/4" thick per wire. The client wanted the circuits isolated to each Apt. because the breakers would trip and the neighbors fridge would stop. Some other problems were feeling electricity in the showers and burned up wires in overhead boxes.
I saw a lot of boxes that looked just like your pictures and plenty of octagonal boxes that had no insulation left. All the wires were crimped with the old friction tape wrapped and many twisted the wrong way for wire nuts. Plenty of bad work had been done by some maintenance guy who did not know that it mattered which wire was black or white. Over 50% were wrong.
I ended up pulling all new wire, some new conduit, boxes and breakers along with replacing every wiring device. One benefit of pulling new wire was we were able to pull another circuit and a ground.
No more fire trap or the owner paying for spoiled food. Oh, an we got rid of the tingly feet in the shower.
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