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Does anyone know if is ok to build walls/ceiling around a 480vac bus duct system as long as access is provided to the bus plug disconnects by removing ceiling tiles?

For example, just remove a ceiling tile if the bus plug disconnect needed to be locked out?


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It looks like 368.10(B) may allow it

(B) Behind Access Panels. Busways shall be permitted to
be installed behind access panels, provided the busways are
totally enclosed, of nonventilating-type construction, and
installed so that the joints between sections and at fittings
are accessible for maintenance purposes. Where installed
behind access panels, means of access shall be provided,
and either of the following conditions shall be met:
(1) The space behind the access panels shall not be used
for air-handling purposes.
(2) Where the space behind the access panels is used for
environmental air, other than ducts and plenums, there
shall be no provisions for plug-in connections, and the
conductors shall be insulated.
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