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Hi guys,
I am currently in school for my fourth year in Alberta, Canada. I am just a youngin, 21, and want to continue to learn and advance. Most of my experience is commercial and light residential. I was wondering what a smart career path would be to pursue afterwards. Any option is a possibility and I'm looking for insight. I'm not sure whether it would be wise to get a second ticket in either instrumentation or power system electrician or if I should go to school for 2 years for electrical engineering technologist. I am wondering if a second ticket is a good long term idea or just a short term? Also being young, I am money hungry so pay is definitely a factor too. Thoughts anyone?

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Depends on whether you want to stay on the tools or not. Dual ticket is always great, particularly instrumentation. You can also look a second ticket in welding or refrigeration. Becoming a tech is okay but, when the economy goes sideways, engineers are always the first to go. Dual tickets never seem to be out of work.
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