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Hello Everyone,
I graduated from a technical high school and then went off to college for a semester of classes for electronic/electrical engineering. I got the itch and went back into the trades after that. In total I worked professionally in the trades for about 4 years and have about 2500 hours (registered) of my apprenticeship completed. After that I went back to college and earned a bachelors in finance (because everyone says if you want to make money go into finance). They failed to mention it is absolutely boring. I shocked many when I made the switch to finance (specifically banking) because I was very good at electrical. My work was profession, I understood the theory, and I absolutely loved the trade.

Now I work at a bank, where I have been promoted 3 times and am now a banking officer but have stayed current in the trade. I still help friends when they are doing a job, and have rewired most of my house. I always loved the trade, (started tech school at 14). I am looking to switch back to electrical, preferably working as an assistant project manager or the like. I would also like to get my hours, but I cannot afford to live off an apprentice salary of $15/hour. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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