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CEC 26-400 1) A,B Panelboards in dwelling units

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A panelboard shall be installed in every dwelling unit except for dwelling units in hotels and motels, and dwelling units that
a) are not individually metered for electrical power consumption; and
b) have been created by subdivision of a single dwelling.

So If I'm reading this right, I can wire in a suite in an existing house and I don't have to put in a separate panel in the suite? I can run everything out of one panel?

I've always been told it has to have it own panel.
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I live in a basement apartment as a separate unit from the upstairs, but I exclusively have access to the panel for the whole house. Muwahaha. The upstairs unit has sole control of the thermostat however. Oh, and said panel is all of 20-24" away from my kitchen sink, that's some nifty stuff as well. Lucky for the neighbours upstairs, we happen to be old work friends, which makes it much less awkward on the occasional breaker trip. House parties are a lot easier too. I would hate to think what this place would be like with seperate tenants who didn't know eachother.
You are living in an illegal suite. You probably knew that though.
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