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Chemlex Industrial Heat Tacing

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Saw this at work. The job was to replace faulty heat tracing 10 watts per-foot. Someone else had troubleshot the problem. Looked at the job just over a year old the problem was local to a pump and about 30' total of piping. No controls other than a manual switch to turn the tracing on because the chemical will freeze at 70F.
The tracing was self regulating and it had gotten so hot that it had melted the tracing. I could not strip it with a knife because where the plastic components had not yet totally destroyed the outer sheath , the brade under the sheath, the black plastic spacing strands, the semiconductor heating and the power conductors were all fused together. The plastic standoffs that support the Chemlex splice box that sits on the top of the insulation GONE . Just 2 puddles of black plastic.
Had never seen this before I never knew that self regulating heat tracing would get that hot.

Replaced the old tracing and it seems to be working fine.
Any ideas as to what happened.

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120 volt supply voltage 120 volt cable.
I could see the steam purging being a issue but that is not the case here. No GFCI I will look or talk to my coworker. It is fed from a SQD panel.
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