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Circuit Tracer

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I'm looking for feedback from current users of newer circuit tracers.

I've been putting off for way too long long in buying a new one
and am looking for feedback on what you're using and how well
it works for you.

Quality first, cost second, but I'm not looking to over pay for a tool.
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try searching for this topic on ET...you'll get instant answers!
Quality first, cost second, but I'm not looking to over pay for a tool.
You gotta be way more specific than that.

Price range? $0-100, $100-300, $300-600, $600-1200, $1200+
Price range? $0-100....
I'll Start ... Sperry CS61200 A Google Link

I have this, works great, I bought the additional lamp socket that works with it.
Depends on how much you'll be using it, no way I would have ever finished my last panel/breaker id without my ideal

Been using a Ideal one for the last three years with good success. Gets fooled sometimes. Always have extra batteries handy.
What are you guys using this for?

I have the $40 breaker circuit tracer thingie. It works well for it's purpose, but that purpose is very limited.

I have a Fluke toner that I've used for very basic finding of wires leading to boxes hidden in walls.

Now I am looking for the next step. There's a big jump in price so I don't want to waste my money. I'd also like something that can trace a circuit underground.
I just happen to be using the Ideal one. I have the mid level one. It has the rotating display which is handy. The one thing it doesn't have is the inductive clamp that the more expensive one does. I haven't had a situation yet that I would have needed it or couldn't find a way to direct connect. Others are using Amprobe and Greenlee ones with good luck. Takes some practice, but can't see life without one.

You can use these for some basic underground work, though a dedicated underground locator is better. Not sure you have to invest huge sums into this unless you are doing serious private locate work. I am having good luck with a Fisher TW-6 split box for chasing uf pole light lines. Once I have found the break with my fault locator, I start digging. I hook the ideal one up and use it to find the exact point in the hole so I don't damage the cable further. I have a Dynatel 2273m-id that almost never gets used. Simple is sometimes better. Others have mentioned the basic locator from Greenlee.
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