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class 1 div 1

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im bidding on a sewage lift station project and i have a question about the project. in the drawings the engineer has a 2" pipe leaving the we well which is class 1 div 1 (methane). the 2" pipe goes to a classified junction box any where from 3' to 15' away from the wet well. there is no seal off between the wet well and the junction box. there is another 2" pipe leaving the classified box that does have a seal off.
the owner wants to beable to disconnect and replace the sensors that are terminated in the box without being messedup in a sealoff. my question is is this leagle by code?
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They're always engineered that way around here. I have done quite a few.
We seal before entering the control cabinet. but don't seal between the j-box and wet well so they can readily change pumps and floats.
Every one of ours has passed.

And I have never put in an explosion proof junction box even when spec'd and never been dinged. The last engineer put it in the drawings to cover his behind. Our inspectors understand the need for timely maintenance and are satisfied when we seal the raceway before entering the controller.

We use a standard JIC hinged 3R box, usually with a term strip
we have done several classified jobs for the oil industry up here, but that is all MCHL cableing.
Not familiar with that cable, what is it?

MI cable perhaps?
it reminds me of a mix between ocal and mc cable. its essential an mc cable rated for classifed areas. it makes some very nice installations if you do it right, and really beats standard grc installations for cost and labor.
I bitched when MC started taking over emt. But adapted slowly.
Now they're taking away my RIGID!

Oh dear............:no:
Thats terminated with a crouse hinds CGFJ = CGB with lead instead of rubber grommet The cables been around a long time used it offshore and in plants I remember a brand name like Corflex about 1/8 pvc outer then 1/4 aluminum sheath, stranded conductors ,three solid ground wires,plastic seperators,wrapped in plastic like MC.Is this the same stuff?
no, this cable terminates with TMC for non hazardous areas and TMCX connectors for hazardous locations. and it realy is an MC cable with a rubberized sheath. it tranes nicly and it can be ordered with litteraly any quantity and type of conductor inside it. including fiber and beleden types.
sounds pretty expensive ,just curious of what the temp limitations are!and are those connectors Crouse hinds or something else! My customers freak on Romex prices......Ah to be a "petrochemical animal again" or better known As'The Brotherhood of Oil Field Trash'and proud of it!Too fat to be running against the wind socks and climbing fences to hear "all clear"
okanite lists the opeating temp from -40c to 90c compared to a grc classified install its is cheaper. connectors are expensire though TMC are in the $25range and the TMCX are $54.
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