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Class 1 Div 2 Seals

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Looking for some help on a classified area. We are Installing duct bank from an unclassified area and emerging into a Class 1 Div 2 area. After conduit emerges fro the ground we are changing over to cable tray. This is typical on both ends of the run.

My question is are seals required were the conduits emerge from the ground and hit the tray on either end of the duct bank? Both classified and unclassified areas. Originally We were going to install them on both ends. But after reading article 501.15 B exception 2, looks like they are not required?

Actually rereading I think they are required. Any help is appreciated.
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[I](2) Class I, Division 2 Boundary. In each conduit run
passing from a Class I, Division 2 location into an unclassified
location. The sealing fitting shall be permitted on
either side of the boundary of such location within 3.05 m
(10 ft) of the boundary.[/I]
How is the ductbank sealed? Let us know what you find out. Its got me curious as well.
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