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bathroom reno
1) 20 amp ckt 45' and GFCI outlet ( HR into garage directly below, stapled to 8'3" ceiling)
4) 5" hihats
4) decora switches
1) pendant box and hang customers fixt.
1) install contractor supplied Panasonic fan and vent into slotted soffit
0) relocate, rework existing feed thru wiring.
I charged $1k, was done at hi noon sharp.

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I just did a bath with almost the same except I had an additional 20 amp circuit for floor heat and 4 more lights (4inch) and I supplied panasonic fan ,$1900. Circuit were fished down stack pipe total of 60 feet to panel and includes permit .

that sounds like a good price for you

do you consider yourself a good salesman?
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