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Fond of three phase
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S51 is a High Pressure sodium ballast , Those are an orange/yellow in color when fully warmed up.

If you want white light then you'll need to change the ballast to match the lamps,------So M59 is a metal halide lamp 400 Watt.

S51 is a 400 watt High Pressure Sodium lamp.

M59 is the ANSI rating for the ballast and lamp,and they must always match, otherwise you will destroy the lamps and ballasts.

So the ANSI rating must always match.

If you are going to change the ballasts change the whole thing.
Way back when, our fixtures failed, we just changed out the entire fixture.
It was cheaper than buying a replacement ballast pack and new lamp.
They were real reasonably priced from Ruud lighting of Racine, Wi.
I don't think anyone liked HPS lighting, for plant lighting.
The next phase was metal halide. They were a little better.
Next, was back to fluorescent and now, LED. :rolleyes:
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