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Hello, it may be in correct place to post this.

I really want to fingerprint to work with beam sensor.

1- People can walk across beam sensor without any problem if they scan fingerprint and verified.
2- Alarm will be exposed if people walk across beam sensor without scan their fingerprint or failed to verify their fingerprint.

Device I have:
- Fingerprint TFT
- Alarm: Strop Light
- Sensor: Beam sensor

pictures below are each device diagram.

Please help to get this work.
I also develop software to control these.

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This is very basic access control. Mostly off the shelf stuff here in the states.
Do you want local or remote alarm indicating?
Or will you want to open a cage and let a tiger out or something like that?

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Simple logic:

A = Fingerprint Scanner output
B = Beam sensor
C = Relay
D = Acknowledge button
E = Alarm / strobe

If Not A and B then C
If Not D and C then C
If C then E

You need a relay that seals in through an Acknowledge push button so that the alarm is not a short little blast just as the person breaks the beam, then have the relay seal in through an Acknowledge button.

|-----]\[-------] [--- |---( )----|
|_____D_______C____|_______ |
|-----]\[-------] [--- |_______ |
|_____C________________E___ |
|-----] [-----------------( )----|
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