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Consumer Unit Location

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Please could you let me know what the maximum distance allowed is between the electric meter location and the consumer unit to comply with current regulations?

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I think it's 5' inside the house without a disconnect. Really no limit if you run outside.
I need about 8m from the meter before a suitable location for the consumer unit!

Firstly, can this be done? would it need a sub-main? what extra expense is involved in doing it this way ££?


It can be done. You need a switch fuse at the meter head and a sub main circuit of 16mm or 25mm from this to your Consumer Unit.
Costs . I don't know.


We are going to use a built in wall box, will the switch fuse be located in the meter box, or will it be located remotely adjacent on the wall?

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I suspect the Supply Co will not let you use their meter box to fit your switch fuse isolator. You will need to fit a another box adjacent.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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