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Consumer Unit to Head distance

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Are there rules restricting the distance from the Meter/Head to the Consumer Unit?

I'm sure I've read if it is more than two metres you have to do something specific but I can't find anything in BS7671 or the OSG.

Many thanks
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More than 2 mtrs (cable length not distance) you need either exemption from the Supply Co or a Sub Main Switched Fused Isolator.
If you can install the Consumer Unit tails within a heavy duty conduit then the Supply Co will often give you exemption for up to 5 mtrs. But they all have their own rules. Check first.

Short length of SWA glanded both ends will do the trick. Don't forget to take a main earth lead from the Consumer Unit though to the Supply Co Meter Head point.

Thanks Frank.

I spoke to the supply co (British Gas). When I started talking about distances from meter of the consumer unit, permissions etc. they didn't seem to know what I was talking about. All they seemed concerned with was that the de-energising of the meter for the Consumer Unit move be booked with the metering company for my area through them.

I've also searched for sub Main Switched Fused Isolator and the nearest I could find is 100A Metal Clad Switchfuse - S.P. from QVS Is this the right kit? Does it need to be double pole, single throw?

Many thanks
New Cross.

The Wylex switch fuse you have chosen is correct. In fact we use this same model when installing remote metering in Flats etc.The unit is Single Pole but no problems there.

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