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Controlling 0-60VDC from 0-5VDC

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Hi friends.

I think i should give more detailed information.
What I need is to uso a PIC microcontroller, so using 2 push-buttons, I can increase / decrease the voltage level from 0VDC to 60VDC. The PIC output range is 0-5VDC, so I need an interface to convert this signal to 0-60VDC.
Current output needed 2.5 or 3A. Load is a magnet, with the following voltage/current measured:

40V - 2.08A
34.8V - 1.85A
30.3V - 1.26A
24.5V - 0.69A
18.4V - 0.12A
17V - 0.01A

The idea is to replace actual boards to get 50 or 60VDC in order to achieve a stronger magnetic force.


Best regards.