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no I need ideas for people to be in the sales field for me.
I'm thinking about using temps but they have too much hourly requirement, or minimum. I can pay a guy for a couple hours to go out look at a job but not four hours.
I would look for guys that wanted just a straight commission. I did this for a contractor for a while and my take was 6%. The way of calculating that number was something we agreed on but I can't remember the exact formula.
We both did well and I was allowed a Role as project manager as an option on each job. $50 per hour was figured in as a line item. I could do the PM myself or let the shop assign a PM.
I was also paid mileage. Not out of the project but as part of the shop OH.

Some guys did the same thing but worked against a draw. I was used to selling as a contractor to survive so, that didn't appeal to me at all.
I made a nice six figure salary and wasn't the top producer number wise but I think my margins were better. Jobs were total cost/ .7 I could get up to .8 without management approval but low numbers cut into my 6%.

Some guys would spend lots of time on plan and spec work and ignore the high margin emergency and service jobs that I like so, it worked out well.

Best of luck
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