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Cree LED Stock Trouble

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Maybe all their lies and deception about LED's are finally catching up to them.
I am off to install LEDs. ....:laughing:

We have put in over 2000 - 3 and 4 foot LED strips over the last couple months.


One failure so far

I think reduced light output over time will be a bigger issue.
Who makes them so we can jack up their price?:laughing:
They are tagged Hussmann but I am sure they are just rebranded.
You can expect a whole lot more soon. :whistling2:
We shall see but it won't matter, we did not supply them and replacements will be done T&M

I agree and that's why I refuse to use or endorse LED products.
I install stuff people want for money.:thumbsup:
1 - 5 of 28 Posts
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