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I have a customer who wants to install some paddle fans under her front porch which is considered a damp location by the NEC. (It is roofed but not enclosed.) Is this acceptable? Would the paddle fans have to say suitable for use in a damp location as required for a luminaire? 410.10 (2008 NEC) The fans will probably not have lights on them. The customer also wants to install a ventilation fan directly over a shower stall. The ceiling is about 9' off the floor and the shower stall threshold is probably only about 6" off the floor. I am thinking this will be acceptable, however, will I have to GFCI protect the fan and will it have to say anything about being rated for a damp location? Hmmm..... these questions puzzle me. Where does the code reference items like this, or what codes apply to these types of things?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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