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Daylight Start Dimmer - Low to High?

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Hello. I am doing a job for a group that trains service dogs for disabled vets.
A couple of the dogs are being trained to go to Alaska where sunlight hours are different here in South Florida.

In the "dog bedroom" for these dogs going to alaska they have 6" recessed cans. I have found special Incandescent / Halogen bulbs that will simulate daylight as I really do not like to work with CFL or LED on a dimmer.

What I need is the lights to turn on at a special time, start off very dim then work its way to full brightness.

Example would be the lights turn on at 5:00 a.m. on the dimmest setting then by 6:45 it goes to full brightness. During that time span it will gradually get brighter during that time.

Besides a in wall light timer I have NO CLUE what I can use. Any suggestions?
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