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Dimmable alternative?

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I just installed a fan with these lamps in the light. I have a dimmer on my bathroom lights for those 3AM bathroom runs. Is there a dimmable lamp that can fit in this fan? LED alternative maybe?

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I just replaced my exhaust fan, panasonic and I didn't realize that it had a
socket for christmas size bulb, I didn't have a switch for it, I would have had to split too a duel switch and I didn't have another wire any ways.... so I just finished and closed it up....
I have the same unit, and wired the candelabra socket hot all times. I didn't want more switches on the wall, there's already lights, exhaust fan, heat, and lights over tub. I'm now worried about what running a 5 watt lamp is costing. It makes it easier to sleep after those midnight runs.
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