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Distance apart bedroom receptacles.

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If this is province or city specifics on this code about bedrooms receptacles distances, it's in Edmonton, Alberta.

If I'm correct, should the bedroom receptacles be within 6 feet of the entry/door of the bedroom/bathrooms/closet/walk-in-closet, and then apart along the walls is 12 feet?

Sometimes I'm confused, since I been working with a different builder, and it's the first time that our electrical inspection had failed because there needs to be more plugs in bedrooms.

I hope someone can clear on this rule.

Thanks! :D
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receptacles in a room must be no more than 3.6m apart. 1.8m from any point in the room must be accessible to a receptacle.

Receptacles for dwelling units (see Appendices B and G)
This Rule applies to receptacles for dwelling units (including single dwellings) as follows:

(a) except as otherwise provided for in this Code, in dwelling units duplex receptacles shall be installed in the finished walls of every room or area, other than kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, laundry rooms, water closet rooms, utility rooms, or closets, so that no point along the floor line of any usable wall space is more than 1.8 m horizontally from a receptacle in that or an adjoining space, such distance being measured along the floor line of the wall spaces involved;
No rules specific to bedrooms. RXD gave you the rule. If you are failing inspections, there has to be more to it than just a missing receptacle in a bedroom. If that's all it was, you would get a conditional pass on the promise that you fix it. The inspection report will tell you what your violations were will cite the code rules.
I've mostly wired smaller houses. Minimum of 4 outlets for sure for an average bedroom. I start at the switch, maybe a foot away and usually go near the corners. Furniture in the middle of the wall anyway. Rare for anyone in my houses to have to move furniture to access a recptacle. TV and phone line in each room.
measure off the door...

The problems ive seen in the past is you have to account for the door way being countable space, and if you are too far from the entrance, they may call you on that.
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