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How many of you have spent time trying to figure out what the h*** someone was thinking? This article reminded me of a couple of nightmares.....:eek:

Survey reveals top DIY electrical mistakes
13 February 2014
Trade Skills has conducted a survey to find out which jobs electricians get called out to the most as a result of poor handy work by unskilled DIY enthusiasts.
The top two responses involved light fittings (41 per cent) and lighting circuits (over 29 per cent).
According to Trade Skills, the temptation to fit the latest light fittings can have devastating effects for householders.
Typical problems encountered with light fittings include brass fittings becoming live, nails being used to mount light fittings and causing the lighting in the home to stop working altogether.
With many householders attempting to fit light fittings themselves, Trade Skills anticipated a high repair rate for this category.
The survey found that over 29 per cent of electricians regularly get called to repair botched lighting circuits.
This is normally seen when householders attempt to replace their lighting and they have more cables than they know what to do with.
The consequences of incorrect wiring can cause expensive damage and risk of fire.
DIY blunders account for over half of serious electrical shocks according to the Electrical Safety Council. Typical mistakes include drilling through wiring in walls, repairing an electrical appliance while it is still switched on and cutting through power leads.
One fifth of people with no electrical training say they will confidently attempt to install lighting in their home and one tenth would happily install new wiring.
A third of electricians recently surveyed by the ESC say they are now spending a quarter of their time fixing DIY jobs and this amount of time has increased over the last 5 years.
Many of these jobs are a simple job for an electrician to carry out and as a result has cost the householder far more than it would have done to call an electrician in to do the job in the first place.

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I wonder how much they spent on that study, they probably could have bought one of us a beer and gotten the same answers! LOL I can't tell you how many ceiling fans I moved/rehung during the foreclosure crisis. It was not hard work but I sure got tired of them telling me that their husband said he was going to do it but had lost the paperwork from when they bought it and there were too many wires to figure out! LOL Hawkrod

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I don't visit the Diy (hosted) here. But I can tell you just visiting another site
where men have tools...

It's a wonder there are not more structural fires.

Just because anyone can wire something, doesn't mean they should try something else, grander. Or because they did one structure themselves this gives them the grace to wave off any concerns that people have about their own property.

It's sad... and damn scarey!!!
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