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Do you ever

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Do you ever get the call "Hey (fill in your name here), remember me, long time no talk, how's the weather out there, hey how your hack saw blades holding out.

Me "STOP, No matter what you say I will not be purchasing anything today or ever from you"

"Yeah I know but let me tell you about this deal on band saw blades."

Me " I understand but I just filed Chapter 11"


He'll or someone like him will call back next week.

Do any of you purchase this (I ASSUME) junk?
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I don't know why, but these guys always start out with hacksaw blades or sawzall blades. To be honest, I did buy from one of them one time (M&M Contractor Sales, Texas someplace). Got a bunch of Sawzall blades for a good price, and they weren't too bad. Not the greatest, but not junk either. Got several cases of counterfeit red Buchannan B-Cap wire nuts. They were represented on the phone as genuine, but when they arrived, they were obvious fakes. I contacted Ideal about them, and they seemed like they couldn't care less. The wire nuts were just fine, however, and not too much money.
Yep same script different product…..light bulbs, Romex (did not say NM) and circuit breakers. The guy selling “light bulbs” was real persistent and kept calling, so I finally used the ultimate trick to get rid of him. I told him that I was not in the office and for him to call my business partner at another number. The number I gave him was the local police department. Never had a call from him again. :thumbup:
Texas and Arizona seem to be the prime locations
I got the same call about screws. I said I didn't need 80,000 and I wouldn't live long enough to use them all. They then tried to sell me 500 wire nuts for $85. I said I could buy them at the local supply house for half of that.
When I got those calls I asked if they could beat the prices I was currently paying. When they heard what I was paying they wanted to buy from me.

1/4" Drill bits and #2 phillips bits for 10 cents, sawzall blades for 25 cents and 4" hole saws for 4 dollars. All were factory seconds or overruns from DeWalt.
The last contractor I worked for bought "Ace viper" sawzall blades, they were ok. The big deal was when you bought a case of 6" wood and one of 6" metal cutting was they gave you a Milwaukee 6501 sawzall. We also ended up with a few 4" grinders that came with their wheels (those sucked), the bandsaw blades really hold up well cutting IMC and RMC.
I let my guard down and bought some electrical cords from that same guy. Don't ever buy flat extension cords. Hassle to roll up neatly.
I just can't say NO. I have to be brave and make other types of excuses. I once bought via a rather sneaky snake oil salesman working for Hilti - thousands of Hilti wall Fixing plugs. I had enough fixings and the 'free' drills that went with the order to last me years. In fact I seem to remember having so many that they just got in the way. Doesn't take long to learn though,

That guy, or one of those guys, used to bug the hell out of me (in AZ). He actualy got really foul with our office manager and used the F word....which only made it more funny to her.

The very next day he called AGAIN. I remember laughing my ass off at him, asking him "do you EVER sell ANYTHING?"

He FINALLY stopped calling....I think.

Now we send all sales calls to "Frank" at extension 104. There is no Frank.
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